Hangzhou West Lake Youth House
No.62-3Nanshan Lu, Hangzhou, China

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Hangzhou West Lake Youth House is a hostel that
complies with international standard. It is a chain hostel of the most popular youth hostel brand in China: Utels International. As a two-story old-fashioned house located adjacent to the scenic spot of Lei Feng Pagoda of Hangzhou West Lake and opposite of Long Bridge, it's a safe, comfortable, economical, sanitary, private and environment-friendly place. With bright and spacious room, neat bed, independent shower room, dining-hall and pub with Jiangnan fashion as well as attentive service, we make you feel at home.

We have also prepared for travelers a variety of rooms: from king-size bed room, standard room, to room for four and six people with 45-55 Yuan for each assigned bed. Hang Zhou West Lake Youth Hoouse is really a low budget and the most trust worthy hostel you can find alongside West Lake.

It is often said by people that the paradise on earth is in Hangzhou, and the real people of Hangzhou say that the paradise of Hangzhou is West Lake. Hangzhou West Lake Youth House is the most gentle and carefree home in the paradise. When it is the spring immersed in the evening, accompanying with the windbell of Leifeng Pagoda and ding of Jingci Temple, strolling along the long bridges around the travel agency, and meditating Millennium Legend of Love, with amorous West Lake, the pleasure of such life is so much.

Visit Hangzhou, stay in West Lake Youth House!



Opposite to Zhejiang Xi'zi hotel there is a path through which, walking ahead ten meters, you will find the Hangzhou West Lake Youth House!.

Hangzhou West Lake Youth House
No.62-3Nanshan Lu
Hangzhou, China


Xiaoshan Airport:(about 28km to the hostel) by airport shuttle bus to termianal stop ( Wulin Xiao Guangchang), change Bus.151 to Chengzhan Railway Station, then taking Bus.Y2 get off at Changqiao Gongyuan stop; or
by taxi from Wulin Xiao Guangchang to the hostel ( about 16RMB)

Chengzhan Railway Station: taking Bus Y2 toChangqiao Gongyuan stop; or by taxi about (about 12RMB)
Eastern Railway Station: taking Bus Y7 to Jingsi stop, turn back for 100ms; or by taxi ( about 30RMB)