Zhongtian Int'l Youth Hostel (Yuanjiajie)
Wangqiaotai, Yuanjiajie, Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie, China, Zhangjiajie, China

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- Yuanjiajie Zhongtian Int'l Youth Hostel is located in the heart of the world's natural heritage Zhangjiajie Forest Park, altitude 1000 meters, surrounded by steep cliffs. It's near the famous spot 'Greatest Natural Bridge (?????)'.
-If you don't get out of the park you can live there many days with one ticket, so live in Yuanjiajie Youth Hostel is very convenient for your travelling^^. What's more, it is very clean and tidy.We have twin rooms, double rooms and beds dorm(wooden or TaTaMi). We provide delicious local food.
-Exposure to the beautiful landscape you can relax and enjoy everything around. Enjoy nature and experience a return to spiritual journey.




Please note:we are in ZhangJiaJie Forest Park,it's difficult to reach if you arrive ZhangJiaJie city after 2 pm .
?Mina Line??Airport/Railway stationcity's Bus Stationthe entrance of Zhangjiajie Forest Parkup to the mountainWangqiaotai?Yuanjiajie Zhongtian Int'l Youth Hostel
?The whole time??4-5hours
?Suggestion??First day live in Zhangjiajie Zhongtian Int'l Youth Hostel (get travel information),the next day to Zhongtian Int'l Youth Hostel (Yuanjiajie).
??To city's bus station
Bus prices?RMB1 ?RMB2 with air-conditiong in summer?
Bus stop?Citys Bus Station
1?From HeHua Airport?5km?: Bus?No.4 /20mins or Taxi?RMB 20-40?not the same as during the day and night?/10mins
2?From Railway-station?4km?: Bus? No.5 /15mins or Taxi?RMB10 /3-5mins
3?From Zhangjiajie Zhongtian Int'l Youth Hostel?4km?: Bus?No.3or4 /15mins or Taxi?RMB6 /3-5mins
??To the entrance of Zhangjiajie Forest Park
1?Minnbus?from city's Bus Station???-????? RMB10 /40mins
2?or Taxi?from Airport/ Railway-station/ city's Bus Station,RMB 80-120 /30-50mins
??To Yuanjiajie Zhongtian Int'l Youth Hostel
1?EntranceGolden Whip Stream(walk 1hour)Lovers from Afar(walk up to the mountain /2hours)Back GardenGreatest Natural Bridge(take free bus /5mins)Wangqiaotai
2?EntranceGolden Whip Stream(walk 2hours)Lower Station of Bailong Elevater(up to the mountain by lift RMB56)take free bus to Wangqiaotai