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No.5 Yulongriver Village, Yangshuo, China

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Just 9 km outside of Yangshuo,you will find the pretty Yulong River valley.As people well known, Yulong River is the right heart of paradise in Yangshuo.

Long long ago,an old dragon also heard about it.One day, he escaped from the heaven and came down. He was excited and attracted by one river when he stayed at an ancient bridge.Suddenly, one farmer came across and they scared each other.The Dragon flied away and disappeared.Very fast,this story spread around Yangshuo County.

Later,people named the bridge as Yulong Bridge( 'Yulong' means 'Meet the dragon'), named the river as Yulong River,named this small tranquil fishing-village as 'Yulong village'. And our Yangshuo countryside hotel,Breeze Villa,Situated in this small tranquil fishing-village,just within 8 minutes' walking distance from the beautiful river and old stone bridges, is the right place where the dragon disappeared. People said the dragon still stayed here for enjoying and protecting the beautiful views here, meanwhile, the dragon brought the luck to the people around.

With comfortable rooms, the Romantic Garden Caf in our private garden with real waterfall,Breeze Villa is the best place to come at ease and enjoy your holiday-time in pure laziness.


This tributary of the Li River is much smaller, but has some spectacular scenery of its own. Most tourist traffic on this river is on small bamboo rafts. The going price for a trip on these rafts is about 150 Yuan per raft.

Swimming is also a popular activity on this river. There are several swimming holes on the river. Swimming here is safer than on the Li River as there is a smaller current and it is not as deep.

Several bike rides and hikes also follow the Yu long river taking in local villages and rice paddies. These can be some of the most memorable days on your China experience.
This 600 year old bridge(AD1412) is located in a beautiful setting. It is also the location for bamboo raft rides.

You can get here easily on bike taking in towns like Ima which are on the banks on the Yulong river. A bike ride along here is one of our favorite days out.

We definitely recommend you come to visit this bridge and incorporate it into a bike ride. There is a very good village road leading from Yangshuo to here. Along the way you will be going through small villages and past rice paddies and then you will be following the banks of the Yu Long river. Very special indeed. If you want, you can then do a relaxing bamboo raft trip for an hour or two down the river.
Shangri-La is a legendary story, a place where peach flower bloom all the year and a paradise for the people of China. The story is just a story. But in Guilin by the Guihua road from Guilin to Yangshuo, you can find a real Shangri-La, a beautiful place, which is more charming than the one descrided in the story.

It is an area with mountains, caves, bridges, rivers, houses, and people who practise delightful local customs, a place that will give you everlasting memories. The happinesss and the bitter mess of life can all be found at Shangri-La. It is a place full of Mother's love. Shangri-La also seems to be a beautiful charming girl who has grown up and came back to the home that she left when she was vey young.



Situated in a beautiful river & old stone bridges village
Private mountain & garden,with real mountain waterfall
Give yourself a break, finally get some rest on the Chinese countryside