Xingping This Old Place International Youth Hostel
No.5, Rongtan Rd., Yangshuo, China

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Why stay in the city.... when the riverside is SO AMAZING!

Just 27 km outside of tourist hot-spot Yangshuo you will find the 'This Old Place International Youth Hostel', a very unique youth hostel.

We opened in July 2008. We live in a small town named Xingping which is 1740 years old. It has the most beautiful riverview of the whole Li-river area. For this reason the riverside of Xingping is printed on the back of the Chinese 20 yuan note. Our hostel is located just 50 meters away from Xingping port. So from some rooms balcony you see the amazing riverview.

Most of our rooms (except the 3-bed-dorm, 6-bed-dorm, single room) have a private bathroom with western style toilet. The rooms are spacious and nicely decorated with woodcarvings. Some rooms have a big wooden balcony with rocking chair so you might enjoy rocking back and forth seeing the sunset.

Many travelers/expats in China are delighted to come and stay at the most beautiful riverside. After traveling many big cities people are hungry for fresh air and amazing views. At the rooftop bar people will see the wonderful riverview, the fabulous old town and a superb sunset.

Our cooks can make the original Italian wood-fired pizza. In the evening the common area is a perfect place to enjoy great dinners and to meet other travelers. You can also watch movies, read and exchange books, play pool, fussball and use the internet.

The best way to explore the area is when you go slow; so either go hiking, cycling or take a bamboo raft. Your adventure begins the minute you step out of the 'This Old Place International Youth Hostel'.

Give yourself a break, finally get some rest on the Chinese countryside. While traveling China you probably already saw or will see many big big cities. Now this rural setting is a big opportunity for a change !

You may take the bus from Yangshuo south bus station to Xingping in the Yangshuo bus station. It takes 45 minutes and charges 7 yuan RMB. There's a bus every 15 minutes from 6 am to 7:30 pm.
(!!!TAKE ENOUGH CASH WITH YOU!!!Here we have ATM only for China Union Pay Card!!!)



1) From Guilin Liangjiang airport 120km.
You may take the airport bus to Guilin airport building. It charges 25 yuan and spends half an hour (30Km). From the Guilin airport buildingyou can take a taxi to the Guilin bus station, charge 8 yuan.
Alternatively you might take a taxi directly from the airport to the Guilin bus station, the charge is around 80-90 yuan.
2) From Guilin bus station or Guilin railway station (92km from xingping and they are very close to each other. There is only 5-minute-walk between them.)
You can take the express bus to Yangshuo north bus station for 20 yuan. It takes around 1.5 hours to cover the 65km.
3) From Yangshuo north bus station to Yangshuo south bus station,
there are small buses running between these two stations and it costs 1 yuan per person and takes about 5 minutes.
4) At the Yangshuo south bus station you can take a bus to Xingping.The bus is located in front of the ticket office. It costs 7 yuan per person (paid on the bus) and about 1 hour to reach Xingping (27Km). It runs every 15 minutes from 6 am to 7:30 pm during summer time, which is the high season here. While in the winter , the last bus departs
around 6:30 PM.
5) From Xingping Bus Station to our hostel:
From the Xingping bus station there is a 500m walk to our hostel. Just follow the main street towards the port/river...

Congratulations, you made it ;-)