Emerald Hostel
No.16, Four Eyes Well, Hu Pao Road, Hangzhou, China

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From Nights People


The Emerald hostel is a delightful youth hostel on the mountain next to West Lake - XiHu. It is near to the spring of the Dreaming Tiger, that is close to Jiuxi, a mountain stream, by the Man Long Gui Yu, a peaceful park.

Surrounded by green trees and a tea plantation, singing birds, sunshine, a book, a cup of tea, the Emerald Hostel is a relaxed place where time stops and takes you back to Wonderland.

The Emerald Hostel has a restaurant that offers different flavors of foods. It not only can satisfy your stomach,
but leaves you with a deep impression and makes you always want to come back.

The Emerald Hostel has three dogs that are cute and friendly, a myna bird that can speak dialogues. A duck that is so brave, it bites the dogs, and golden fishes that can parade in lines.

The Emerald Hostel is full of laughter because of its humorous host, warm because of its elegant hostess,
lively because of its funny volunteers, and friendly because of its gentle guests.

The Emerald Hostel welcomes you to eat,to sleep,to chat,
and to lose yourself in the comfortable confines of our natural surroundings at West Lake - XiHu - in Hangzhou.

Terms & Conditions:
Check in time: 2 P.M.
Check out time: 12 P.M.
Free WIFI & unlimited internet access
Free use of pantry
Free Hairdryer for Hire and washing machine
Free CD/DVD Burning Facilities
Mini shop, bar ,cafe ,library,game room and restaurant
Free luggage storage: if you have an early flight, you may check in early or you can leave your bags with us whilst you head out to explore the city.
Likewise, if you have a late flight or bus to catch on the day of your checkout, you may leave your bags with us at no additional cost.
If you need tourist information? Our reception staff can give you all types information and tips.



Emerald Hostel is located on No.16,Four-eyes-well(四眼井),Hu-pao Rd(虎跑路四眼井).
First you need to get to the Zoo bus station on Hu-pao Rd..
Second find the main door of Xin-kai-yuan Hotel(新开元酒店正门) which is on the opposite side of the Zoo.
Third face the hotel‘s main door,you should go to the right-hand road about 10 meters and turn right.
Fourth keep going up till the end of the road you will see a small wooden bridge on your left hand,just go across it,at the right side you will see us.
1.From Xiao-shan International Airport(萧山国际机场)
By taxi:It costs about 100.00 CNY in the daytime and 150.00 CNY in the evening aroud 40 minutes.
By bus: a.You could take the airport bus to the train station,then walk about 5 minutes to Shi-san hospital(市三医院) and take No.Y7(runs from 7:00am to 16:20pm) to the Zoo.
b.You could take the airport bus to Wu-lin-men(武林门)and change No. Y5(runs from 6:45am to 15:45pm) to the Zoo.
2.From the South Train Station(火车南站)
By bus:You could take No. 700(runs from 5:40am to 23:30pm) to Xiao-shao Rd bus stop(萧绍路公交站) and change No. K315(runs from 5:00am to 21:15pm) to the Zoo.
3. From the Train Station
By taxi:It costs about 20.00 CNY aroud 20 minutes.
By bus:You could walk about 5 minutes to Shi-san hospital(市三医院) and take No.. Y7 (runs from 7:00am to 16:20pm)to the Zoo.
4.From the West Bus Station(汽车西站)
By bus:You could take No.K102(runs from 5:00am to 19:40pm) to Qing-bo-men(清波门) and change to K4 (runs from 5:ooam to 21:30pm)or K504(runs from 6:45am to 22:30pm) to the Zoo.
5.From the South Bus Station(汽车南站)
By bus:You could take No. K808(runs from 6:30am to 17:00pm)and get off at the Zoo.
6.From the North Bus Station(汽车北站)
By bus:You could take No.K188(runs from 5:45am to 22:30pm) to Wu-lin-men(武林门) stop and change to No.Y5(runs from 6:45am to 15:45pm) to the Zoo stop.
7.From the Jiu-bao Bus Station(九堡客运中心)
By bus:You could take No.100(runs from 6:15am to 22:15pm)to Jing-fang-wu-qu(景芳五区) and change to No. Y7(runs from 7:00am to 16:20pm) to the Zoo.
(following is our Chinese name and address,please print and bring it with you if you need. Maybe you can find us conveniently. )

If you have any other problems, just please feel free to let us know anytime.