Purple Courtyard
No.24 shajinghutong NanLuoGuXiang, Beijing, China

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From Nights People


Do you want to know the shadow of old days in Beijing. Do you want to enjoy the life of Beijing people .To enjoy environment with sunshine,birds sing and flowers give forth fragrance.the batter place to choose is Purple Courtyard.

Purple Courtyard is locate at NanLuoGuXiang. which has 700 years long history.There are some symbol constraction of traditional buildings and modem buildings.Here also has many sight spot,like forbidden city , Tiananmen square, houhai beer bar , zhonggulou ,gongqinwangfu .ect.
it near the important famous university. Here is a interesting place we look forward you to come .
You may have café, beer, tea at our soft and sweet courtyard ,enjoy your time have a good test.Our courtyard not only soft and sweet.but also quit and beautiful.



From airport you can by Airport Express to DongZhiMen transfer line 2 get off at GuLouDaJie.
you also can take subway from train station to here just line 2 get off at GuLouDaJie. we also have picking up service.