Backstreet Youth Hostel
3 Ren Min Road, Guilin, China

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Backstreet Hostel is located in the most central and touristed area of Guilin, within walking distance to all major attractions and interesting spots of the city. Just directly beside us is the famous Li River and Pedestrian Street, two of the major highlights of Guilin. We are also extremely easy to find by taxi as we are directly beside the Sheraton Hotel which all taxi drivers know how to get to which is a relief to many who have just come off a long bus or train ride.

Immediately upon entering, you will be welcomed by our very enthusiastic team who will assist you with everything you need from check-in to check-out. They will help you with travel information, tours, booking tickets, and everything in between. Also on the main floor is our very relaxed lounge where you can indulge in a movie, play boardgames, engage in conversation with other travellers, or just surf the internet on your laptop or our computers. Guests who need Facebook connecting to loved ones will be delighted to know that we have a dedicated network for it.

Because we are on Lonely Planet and Hostelling International, we pride ourselves in keeping up a high standard. Overall customer satisfaction is our goal and we prioritize on things such as cleanliness, security, and convenience. We give you peace of mind in knowing that you are enjoying a comfortable and clean bed, your belongings are completely safe and you can ask us to help you with absolutely anything.

So why again should you choose Backstreet Hostel in Guilin?

1. Best location among all other hostels in Guilin. Listed below are popular hot spots that are easily reachable by foot:
-Li River! aka Lijiang (1 min)
-Pedestrian Street, main tourist hub (1 min)
-Guilin City Square (1 min)
-Solitary Beauty Peak (5 mins)
-Seven Star Park (10 mins)
-Elephant Trunk Hill, the symbol of Guilin (5 mins)
- Niko Niko Do, largest mall in Guilin (5 mins)
-Strip of Western restaurants & Cafes (1 min)
-Best clubs in town (5 mins)

2. We are the longest standing youth hostel in Guilin being on the Lonely Planet Guide for more than 8 years which means we know our guests well and we know what kind of services, atmosphere, food and drinks you need.

3. Our staff are super friendly, warm, helpful, and are fluent in the English language. They'll make your time in Guilin fun, easy and memorable.

4. We understand budget travelling. We try to offer as many freebies as we can to make it easier for you to plan your next adventure.

Free internet, Wifi and Skype calling
Free Facebook
Free towel rental
Free blow dryer rental
Free mini soaps
Free luggage storage
Free book exchange
Free board games
Free postcard mailing
Free Nintendo Wii video game
Free movies
Free local map
Free clean filtered water

With so many hostels out there, it's kind of hard to know which one to choose. We hope that in the end, you choose us. Visit our website, or give us a call and we'll answer all your inquiries as soon as we possibly can.





*If you require any additional information, please contact us by email. While our location is probably the easiest to find, we recommend all guests prepare the necessary information to ensure a smooth arrival*

By Shuttle Bus:
Take the shuttle bus to CAAC Station (last stop). Transfer to a taxi and request the driver to take you to Sheraton Hotel. We are opposite to the south entrance of Sheraton.

By Private Pick-up: *Highly Recommended - Fastest, most reliable*
We offer private shuttle services to and from the airport for 80-120Y depending on time. Please email our hostel to inquire about prices and request for the service.


By Taxi: *Highly recommended - Fastest, most reliable*
Exit either station and find a taxi. Request driver to take you to Sheraton Hotel. We're just opposite to the south entrance of Sheraton. *Note: Taxis waiting outside the station may charge a premium. A fair price would be 10-20RMB.

By public bus:
Exit the train station and walk across the main street, Zhongshan Rd. Take bus No.10 and get off at the 4th stop: Shi Zi Jie. Walk 30 meters and turn right onto Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. Walk for 200 meters. You will pass a clock tower. At the next cross section(You will see an Irish Bar), turn left. You will see us on your right hand side.

Exit the train station to the main street. You will find the bus stop on your right side. Take bus No.18 (operation time 07:00-23:00) get off after the 11th stop: Shi Zi Jie. Walk 30 meters and turn right onto Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. Walk for 200 meters. You will pass a clock tower. At the next cross section (You will see an Irish Bar), turn left. You will see us on your right hand side.