Dalian South Mountain Youth Hostel
No. 114, Mingze Street, Dalian, China

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Dalian South Mountain Youth Hostel is at the foot of Nanshan mountain near Dalian Foreign Language University in Zhongshan District. This area was known as a natural oxygen bar.

From the hostel, it's 1 minutes' walk to the Japanese style street and 4 - 5 minutes walk to the Botany Garden, and about 1.5 - 2 KM distance to CBD and the downtown, namely Qing-ni-wa-qiao, Zhongshan Square and Youhao Square. From the railway station and the port of Dalian to the hostel it will take 10 12 minutes by walk and by taxi for 8 Yuan.

We provide self-service kitchen, free internet access, WIFI, magazines and books, self-service laundry, luggage saving(safety box), self-service deposit box, tickets booking, retail department, traveling information.

Welcome to South Mountain Youth Hostel, Dalian . You will be our honored guest!



please show the note to the driver.
A.打的(TAXI).先让司机开车到23路终点站(大连外国语学院站),然后往斜对面看沿山林街(一个上坡的方向)开200米能看到旅舍指示牌,按指示牌方向走50米即可。Let the driver drive to the 23 Road terminal (Dalian Foreign Languages ​​College Station), and then go across the road to see the mountains along the street (an uphill direction) to open 200 meters to see the hostel sign, follow the signs direction to go 50 meters to;B.公交(BUS)乘23路到大连外国语大学终点站下,终点站斜对面沿山林街(一个上坡的方向)步行4-5分钟能看到旅舍指示牌,按指示牌方向走50米即可。Take 23 Road to the terminus of Dalian University of Foreign Studies, the terminus opposite Hillwood Street (an uphill direction) 4-5 minutes walk to see the hostel sign, follow the signs direction to go 50 meters to