Dali Lao Shay Hostel
2# Pingdeng Road, Dali, China

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Dali Lao Shay, is located within the ancient walls of the old town of Dali, in the Baizu Aboriginal living area. A fully-equipped self-help kitchen, only 150 meters from the ancient city's largest vegetable market.

Boarded the hostel on the third floor terrace, East Vision the Erhai lake and West Overlook Cangshan mountain do in front. If you're going to tourists gathered in south old town for hit the bars or buy some crafts, the past is just a 15-minute stroll. The hostel also several bus stops within 400 meters around, leading to the Xiaguan, the long-distance bus, train and Erhai lake side.

Dali Lao Shay Hostel does not have what a sharp and unexpected features, such usual alley usual courtyard, peaceful days time begins to flow. Welcome to spend a few days, a few days mediocre and lazy days.



From Xiaguan train station (about 20 km):
The train station there are bus No.8 fare 1.50 yuan (Automatic coin, ready for change in advance), about 45 minutes to arrive at the station Dali West Gate.

From Xiaguan coach station (about 20 km):
There are 4 or 5 coach stations in Xiaguan. Ask locals people get off the nearest bus No.8 or No.4, No.8 and No.4 multiple coach station or near the station finally arrived in Dali, the bus No.8 terminus West Gate, No.4 pass the large vegetables market (Chinese station name: caichang) .

From Dali Airport (about 33 km):
Dali Airport flights less so there is no airpor buses, only taxis from the airport.Taxis do not running the meter, are drivers outcry. About 60 - 70 yuan from the airport to Dali, about 30--40 yuan from the airport to Xiaguan. To save money, you can take a taxi to the train station, then change to take the the bus No.8 arrived Dali West Gate.

From Lijiang, Shangri-La passenger bus :
Lijiang - Xiaguan shuttle drive about 4 hours, Shangri-La --Xiaguan shuttle drive about 7-8 hours. all shuttle finally arrived in Xiaguan, arrived in Xiaguan the former tried out Dali, so please tell the driver you want to Dali West Gate to get off. If the shuttle to go to other road did not go through the West Gate (sometimes after East Gate), get off to change buses first arrived in Weat Gate.

If take the bus No.8, walk about 200 meters to the right of the West Gate last stop along the highway embankment north ( Facing mountains standing right-hand direction) is equal junctions, junctions on both sides and one each Credit Union and a pharmacy at the junction can see light box signs Lao Shay alley about 80 meters on the second floor roof, walk 80 meters (down) .

If take the bus No.4, get off at the 'caichang(vegetables market)' station and crossroads turn left is Ping Deng road (a lot of the fruit stands and pedestrians on the road during the day), about more than ten meters of the front row on the right is a vegetable market, over the door is supermarket, forward (up) of about 100 meters and than Lao Shay Youth Hostel.

Taxi: If you have a number of counterparts, in Xiaguan you can take a taxi to come to Dali, about half an hour's drive, the fare is 40--50 yuan, tell the driver to take the national highway to the Dali West Gate after 200 meters turn right and 80 meters, arrived the door of Lao Shay (No.2 Ping Deng Road ).

Came from the old town to find:
If you walk over the old town, at the crossing of the Bo-ai road and Ping Deng road is the 'Dacaishi(vegetables market)' (the north gate market, locals know), please come along the west of Ping Deng road (up), during the day will go through a lot of fruit stand and 100 meters is the Lao Shay Youth Hostel.