Shuhe Doumi International Youth Hostel
No. 26 Zhong He Village, Lijiang, China

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From Nights People


Shuhe Doumi International Youth Hostel is located near the Shuhe Old Square Street, the Museum of Tea Horse Road and the North Gate parking lot.

It is a nice designed hostel. The different dorms and private rooms are in the local old houses but renovated with brick and wooden structure which make the guests stay in a traditional but clean environment.

The highlight of the hostel is its courtyard with greens and the rooftop lounge in the small glass building. Guests can read books or just have a cup of coffee in the afternoon to enjoy the warm sunshine. Everywhere in the hostel will let guests feel close to the traditional culture as well as the nature.

There are public computers, free WiFi, laundry, hiking information and free parking available in the hostel to make an easy and comfortable stay there.