Beijing Tiananmen Courtyard
100 Xiheyan Jie, Qianmen, Beijing, China

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Beijing Tiananmen Courtyard is located just a minutes walk from Tiananmen Square and the subway. You can find almost anything you like around the Tiananmen area. The courtyard itself is perfectly located inside a traditional Hutong street (Chinese ancient ally). Enjoy your stay at Beijings most central hostel, with traditional Beijing life on your doorstep.

Our courtyard is a traditional Beijing residence, with over 200 years of history. The courtyard has been renovated recently, adding in all essential modern elements, such as western toilet and shower, air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. All rooms face onto our private courtyard, with a large seating area with bar/cafe counter. It's a great way to meet fellow guests or relax by the fish area.

The Tiananmen Courtyard is affiliated with the Leo Hostel chain, which has been continually listed in the Lonely Planet. In addition, it is affiliated with the Leo Hostel chain. Guests can visit the nearby Leo Hostel without problem. Leo Hostel offers a western restaurant with 24 hour bar, pool table, free Wi-Fi, movie room, laundry, tours, tickets and more.




** Please read there directions full to avoid any problems getting to the hostel. Please remeber th print out the map-it has our Chinese address. If you do not have a printer, you can take a photo of the map. **

From Beijing International Airport:
1) Book a taxi pick-up from us. We can pick you up at the airport for 240rmb per car (fits up to 3 passengers) (from 10pm to 7am, there will be an extra 50rmb charge). If you are interested, please provide ALL of the following details: arrival date, arrival time, flight number, airline, departure city. Please book your pick-up at least 48 hours in advance. If your flight arrives within 48 hours, please phone the hostel to give us your details.


2) Take the shuttle bus to the Beijing city center (the journey takes over 1 hour). There are different shuttle buses but it is best to take the bus to the main Beijing train station (16rmb). The bus stops about 200 meters west of the Beijing station. When you get off the bus. continue walking straight (in the direction of the bus) to arrive at Beijing station. For directions from the station, please read below.

3) Take the new shuttle train from Terminal 2 or 3 to Dongzhimen subway station (25rmb). Then change to subway line 2 and take the subway to Qianmen, then follow the map.

From the main Beijing Train Station:
trains arriving from Shanghai, Mongolia, Russia etc

1) Take the bus. Leave the station by the north exit, walk right (east) about 500 meters to the bus park and take bus 20 or 59 to Da Zha Lan (1rmb). The Da Zha Lan stop is the 6th stop if you take bus 20, or the 5th stop if you take bus 59 . When you get off the bus, follow the map.


2) Take the subway. The subway entrance is outside of the train station, near the main road (look for stairs leading down). Take the subway to the Qianmen subway station - 2rmb. Leave the subway by Exit C and head towards Meishi Jie Road (you can see the 'GUANQI HOTEL' on the corner). Walk south on Meishi Jie Road and follow the map.

3) Take a taxi to the hostel - around 25rmb. Ask the driver to phone us for directions. Bank & ATM money machine: opposite the station, over the footbridge

From the Beijing West Train Station:
trains arriving from Xian, Chengdu, Pingyao, Datong, Hong Kong etc

1) Leave by the North exit & take bus 67 or 301 from in front of the station (opposite a KFC). You sometimes need to get on at the front of the bus and put 1rmb in the drivers box. The bus ends at Qianmen (next to a KFC!). When you get off the bus, continue walking East for about 200 meters (in the same direction as the bus). Follow the road round to the right and look for Meishi Jie Road and follow the map.


2) Take the subway to Junshi Bowuguan on line 1, then travel to Fuxingmen on line 2. Then travel to the Qianmen station - 2rmb. (see above for directions from Qianmen subway station)


3) Take a taxi to the hostel - around 25rmb. Ask the driver to phone us for directions. Bank & ATM money machine: leave the station and walk to the right (east)

From the south Station:
fast trains arriving from Shanghai, Qingdao etc

1) Take subway to Xuanwumen, then take line 2 to the Qianmen station. Follow the map


2) Take a taxi to the hostel - around 25rmb. Ask the driver to phone us for directions.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any problems or get lost, please phone us - many small newspaper shops have a phone you can use. Taxi drivers do not always know the best way to reach the hostel, so it is best to ask them to phone us, or you can get out at Tiananmen Square and follow the map yourself.