Clifford Family Inn CYTS
Clifford Street 88 B, 11, Chung Village, Guangzhou, China

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From Nights People


Three-story detached villa filled with all the things you are interested in, we have four rooms, each room can accommodate four people, different culture with Chinese characteristics decorative style, kites, landscape painting, Chinese kung fu tea, if you are interested in can be attend weekly riddles activities guessed prizes!

In the article a sunny afternoon tea, a book of landscape painting, listening to an opera opera. If you are willing to personally get involved and join us for dinner, you will reap more! Come on, here is your Chinese home?




From Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (Airport) to walk about 510 meters to the airport express B ride area sit Airport Express No. 7 B line (take 2 points) to the airport express Hotel Bless Inn station.
Subway ride from the Guangzhou Railway Station line 5 gold stand, sit in a Palestinian village Clifford Garden Hotel on it
Bus: Clifford terminus, Clifford station, blessing Food Street station, via the circuit including 301 Road, 305 Road, 1 road, 13 Road, 288 [P].
Line No. 3 subway line connecting Hanxi changlong. There are direct buses in Hongkong Macao.
Subway: Line 3 hanxichanglong station
Drive: high speed / ring entrance for Xinguang Express