Hua Er Duo Duo
No.14 LongQuanXiang Alley, Dali Town, Dali, China

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Hua Er Duo Duo is inside the Dali Ancient City, nearby the South Gate. Dali Ancient City is far away from the Dali railway station ( almost 16KM ). There are many famous places around us, such as CangShan mountain, ErHai lake, ChongSheng Three-Pagodas Park, WuWei Temple.

The owner of Hua Er Duo Duo can not speek english very well, but you can use your body language and pen to help you.

Hua Er Duo Duo has 8 rooms ( include two four-bed rooms for girls, three four-bed rooms for anyone, one eight-bed room for girls, two eight-bed rooms for everyone ). There are altogether 22 stratified beds. We have two public lavatories ( and two bath rooms ), one for girls, one for boys. We have WIFI, washing machine and kitchen.



You can take a bus ( called ' San Ta Zhuan Xian '/三塔专线 ) from the Dali Railway Station. And get off at 'Yita Lu Kou'(一塔路口). Then you should go east to the first intersection (Bo'ai Road/Yita Road), there you can see the city wall. Just call me and I will pick you up there.