Zhuhai No.10 Villa Hostel
No. 94, No. 10 Silver Sea Village House, China App, Zhuhai, China

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From Nights People


Zhuhai No.10 Villa Hostel is a real villa, sitting in Gongbei best location, convenient transportation to the unimaginable. Whether it is bathed in the morning sun morning to see a couple of road, or at midnight, looking across the river shrouded in darkness under Starlight little from Macau, or like to listen to all the way to surprise those brave travelers knowledge, or even share with others your unique life experiences.

In Zhuhai No.10 Villa Hostel, there is no hotel bed with mattress, there is no hotel supplies free wash sieve, when linens are likely to need their own stack, must bring their own towels toothbrush, for travel and may be sinking heart beat, but still yearning for pleasure, because CYTS homely warmth, there are opportunities to communicate with people, with a human face , there are different kind of style. meet by chance, were living in a room but there is no strange feeling, drink and a laugh, talk about their life experiences, trance, people in the same place, the heart travels thousands of miles.

Ta said that from where to start, you Where is the end. that's nice, CYTS, is part of the journey, it is important, should not be missed. CYTS I will not go on the road, on the way from the starting CYTS. the 10th House CYTS, one came wish to leave the CYTS.



Approach Road, No. 94, on the 10th Silversea Village House, close to Gongbei, Gongbei Bus Station, Zhuhai light rail train station 800 meters, playing only three minutes, walking only 10 minutes. Zhuhai Airport is 43 kilometers from the need for one hour to play, 4.7 km from Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port requires only 8 minutes a large, 8.4 km from Zhuhai Fisher Girl playing 13 minutes。