Hangzhou Daisy Hostel
65 Siyanjing, Hupao Road, Hangzhou, China

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From Nights People


Located in Hupao Road, Hangzhou Daisy Hostel is 10-minute walking distance to West Lake and 6-minute to 'Tiger Running Spring'. Its great location makes guests easy access to where the lively city has to offer.

Daisy is not just a hostel, she is living at the East of Hupao Spring and Southwest of the most famous West Lake.

Walk along under the dense shades in the hillside of Siyanjing Village, You will be suddenly enlightened by Daisy's ardent feelings.

When you bump into with the character of the wood fence and the greens in the small garden,It is just a begin of presious time,The fresh sense of Daisy bring with the most emotional dependence,The words from coffee drops makes you waiting for the steady streem quietly!

Just a short stay, just rest, which he met, fell in love, do not want to miss.

Daisy, she is opening a window to another world,Daisy, she is a picture with flashy scattered scenery.